carbon fiber injection molding in lithuania

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Science and Engineering of Composite Materials

Two types of specimens using different carbon fiber layup configurations ([0°/90°/0°] 3 and [45°/0°/−45°] 3 ) were fabricated using the pressure molding thermal curing forming process. The double-channel CARALL beams were subjected to static three-point bending tests to determine their failure behaviors in terms of ultimate bearing ...

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane | Covestro AG

The Fairphone brand is aiming to create a fairer, more sustainable smartphone industry. When selecting a material for the Fairphone 3 protective casing, they went for Desmopan® TPU with 100% recycled plastic, reducing waste while lowering the carbon footprint of a tough, colored phone case.

Plastic ball bearings | igus®

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SILASTIC™ Silicone Rubber | Dow Inc.

These multifunctional materials combine chemical and mechanical properties that many organic polymers cannot match. Fabrication options include injection and compression molding, extruding, calendering and dispersion coating. Wide range of choices in hardness, specific gravity, tensile strength, elongation, color pigments and flow properties.

PA 11 (Polyamide 11) for Industrial 3D Printing | EOS GmbH

PA 11, also known as nylon, is chemically and mechanically heat-resistant and is ideally suited for highly technical applications thanks to its durability. EOS materials of this class are an efficient, impact-resistant alternative to the plastics ABS or PA6, which have proven their value in injection molding.

Jabil 3D Parts Printer | DigiKey

Parts made are nearly isotropic – meaning high strength in all 3 dimensions. HSS has a high economy of scale by utilizing batch printing principles which lower part cost. There is no support material necessary in this printing technology, which makes it a great place to start with part conversion from injection molding.

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